Paint the Village Red - Hospo

Paint the Village Red. A community fundraising project benefitting the Havelock North Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The entire Havelock North community is coming together over the weekend of September 21-23 to raise much-needed funds for the Havelock North Volunteer Fire Brigade. We are asking you to join us deliver a comprehensive programme of events and activities that are planned.

What can your business do to help?

We are asking you to run a food and / or beverage special over the weekend of September 21-23 that ties in with the Paint The Village Red theme and we are asking you to donate all or part of the proceeds from that food item or beverage special to the Volunteer Brigade.

How and what you do is over to you but some suggestions are:

We would also love it if your staff could wear an item of red clothing over the weekend to help us build wider awareness of the Brigade and their work.

Not sure what to do over the weekend, get in contact 

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