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Paint the Village Red. A community fundraising project benefitting the Havelock North Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The entire Havelock North community is coming together over the weekend of September 21-23 to raise much-needed funds for the Havelock North Volunteer Fire Brigade. We are asking you to join us deliver a comprehensive programme of events and activities that are planned.

No one will argue that the men and women of the Havelock North Volunteer Fire Brigade form a vital part of the safety and security of our Village. These unsung heroes perform just under 300 call outs every year and everyone in Havelock North either knows someone who has been helped by the Brigade or has experienced their assistance first hand. It’s time that we recognised their contribution to our community and repay them for their service.

For this initiative to capture the imagination of the people of Havelock North, and to raise awareness of what the Brigade does for our Village, we are trying to involve as many people as possible in Paint The Village Red activities.

What will the money raised be used for?

Funds are being raised to build a comprehensive training facility behind the existing station. The training centre will improve brigade performance and train brigade members in the use of new life-saving equipment and technologies.

Please join in this community initiative. It’s the right thing to do.

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